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Bridal Jewelry

Just for you ...
Just for me ...
Ring only for two

Only one in the world
The love put in there

Thinking of you as if you suddenly
And you can feel love all the time


To the feelings of the two people

who love each other,
PETHICA will make full-order-made with all my heart

About orders

PETHICA, in full order,
We will make your own jewelry in the world.

【Initial meeting】 Please tell me your story
【Design Proposal】 We will design according to your budget.
[Production] We will meet with you several times and it will cost you production.
【Completion】 It takes about 2 months to ship.


In the case of
You can not do it at a mass merchandise store, please tell the commitment of only two people.
I will make you with all my heart.

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