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Cinema PETHICA x gallery 385 Vol.1 held!

Last February 28 Cinema PETHICA x gallery 385 The first event of Cinemaspecha was held !! Screened the movie "Happy ~ Happy Search You".

This screening is one of the things I've wanted to do for a long time, and I have a mission as shown in this picture. As I talked to some friends, the sponsors gathered in a blink of an eye, I could have a contract for the right to screen movies, and finally I was able to hold the first visit. Thank you to the owner of gallery 385 (Tokyo real estate) who got interested, those who sponsor, and pleasantly received the offer of the place. It is a challenge for me to hold once a month. Even in the sense that it imposes oneself for the sake of the world, I will do my best to the best, so please do not hesitate. Happiness was the theme of this movie.

"Japan" has been chosen as the country with the least happiness in the world. Living in such Japan What we feel, what you find is not it. Happiness and happiness will not be called. I do not look for happiness, but find out from the current situation that I am now, feel happiness, I wish I could have a lot of smiles ... I think. I wonder if I am already happy, will it lead to caring for others or sort of happiness? You can feel yourself from the bottom of my heart. Whether you see it from people, whether you look happy from people or not, that is not a matter of concern, but a world that is bothering me why you care. "Happiness" has a tendency to measure according to the definition made by someone, but it is good for each person. It would be great if you could make me think about such a thing. I wish you all a happy birthday !! After watching a movie, I set up a conversation time with everyone. There were many people I met for the first time, but I was able to share what I felt · what I thought · I wish I could be like this. Films are different from people's points of touch and stinging words. Awareness was born by talking with other people and impressions. It was a good time ~ I feel that everyone was a wonderful person. After the screening, everyone (indeed a lot of people!) Told me the impression to me. There are people who gave me such emails as long impression. I would like to introduce it here. (I wonder if I will get permission from the next time, I am thinking.) There were many opinions that "At this timing (your own), I felt the fun of being able to watch this movie". It was kind of very happy. There may be many things to worry about in my daily life, but since there are not many opportunities to listen to or give opinions to others, I decided to have a good meeting. It was really good to hold! And I felt it.

The first Facebook event page is here ♪

Next time Cinema PETHICA March 27th ㈪ Details are here ♪ (Advance tickets sold out, 1000 yen / 1 drink on the day)

<Gallery385>The owner himself renovated the old house over about a year. Multipurpose space just opened in January 2017.From now on, we decided to use it by the owner's request that we would like to create a fun space for everyone.Those who want to hold art, culture, something ♪

A Facebook page of Gallery 385 has been created!

PETHICA is glad if you follow us here as well♡→ Instagram , Facebook

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